SACO Workforce Management, also known as human capital management, is the process of balancing business needs with available resources. It is a planning and accountability framework, enabling organisations to ensure strategic objectives are met in an efficient, cost effective manner, while balancing fairness in human capital management practices.


SACO Workforce Management accurately identifies each individual with a variety of technologies, including biometrics. SACO Workforce Management includes Access Control, Time & Attendance and Health and Safety disciplines as a holistic solution, integrated at its core.


SACO Anywhere is a mobile solution designed to integrate with mobile devices to track your workforce across the globe. This mobile solution offers its users the functionality ranging from biometric devices to RFID integrations to monitor attendance of the workforce, even with limited connectivity to the central database server. The solution works in conjunction with the SACO Workforce Management platform for the management of Time & Attendance of staff based in remote locations.


SACO Guest is a mobile solution that manages the movement of visitors to and from a facility. The purpose of the solution is to associate the driver with the vehicle. The solution caters for a unique visitor experience through innovative user interfaces to people such as receptionists for personalised experience. It further allows for communication to the host of a visitor to be informed that a visitor has arrived and also left the facility.


Processes are at the heart of a business. These processes are generally designed to support organisational objectives and yield maximum profitability. As a result, business improvement and transformation can only produce lasting value if it is affected at the process level. To this affect, businesses are mostly unaware of process failure due to many utilising manual and outdated methods to measure, monitor and audit these processes. A key challenge currently observed in business, is how to remain agile and competitive in a dynamic world without compromising organisational objectives. Adopting appropriate technology is the start to transformation and lasting value to an organisation. Utilisation of this type of technology, enables constant process re-evaluation and improvement.


SACO Workflow is designed to support organisations with process optimisation, which results in automation that can be measured, monitored and audited. It is a process driven solution that moulds into an organisation’s activities, with business intelligence to support agility and transparency.


An Induction is the first step for engaging new contractors, employees, suppliers and visitors working with an organisation or workplace. It is also an ongoing annual compliance process for ensuring the workforce remains compliant and up to date across areas such as HR and Safety.


SACO Induction provides a platform for creating questions and inserting answers, which in turn allows users to complete assessments with randomly ordered questions using a touch screen device. The information is interfaced with the SACO Workforce Management Solution in the form of a Safety Certificate.


The individual initiates the process by identifying themselves on a biometric device after enrolment on SACO Workforce Management. Once identified, SACO Induction will present the user with a list of current Safety Certificates and their respective expiry dates. The user may then select and complete an assessment which will instantly display the obtained score and update the SACO Workforce Management Solution. This will in turn allow or deny the user access to the site based on preconfigured rules.  The solution allows flexibility that may include limited retries of tests within a predefined period to ensure the answers are not just guessed continually until the assessment is passed. Valuable management reporting may be scheduled to send to key stakeholders keeping a firm view on compliance. It is generally considered the preferred alternative to environmentally damaging paper-and-pencil assessments.


Safety is one of the highest priorities residents consider when selecting an Estate to live in. SACO Estate is designed to accommodate the specific operating environment of living estates and ensure ease of use without compromising access and security to the estate. Built on the SACO Workforce Management engine, it allows flexibility and scalability to Home Owner Associations and delivers ease of use and peace of mind.

It's not all about talent. It's about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve. If you work hard and you're coachable, and you understand what you need to do, you can improve. - BILL BELICHICK